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My skills and experience in sustainable safe design and construction of road infrastructure may help road authorities, contractors and developers to build safer roads.

Road Safety Awareness Campaign Objectives

Each road safety awareness campaign may have its specific objectives, based on the composition of the populace in the project area and the presence of specific target groups Great differences may be expected between urban and rural areas. Awareness campaigns had the following four specific objectives may be considered:

  • Increase awareness of road users living near the project roads on safe road use behavior especially at junctions and road crossings

  • Inform and educate road users in the target communities of the new road scheme to enhance safe road use

  • Incorporate gender equality, disability and social inclusion -specific aspects of road safety

  • Increase public awareness of the dignity and rights of persons with disabilities in regard of road safety

  • Create awareness of the need to protect investments in road infrastructure from climate change

  • Provide information on road signs and pavement markings

  • Identify road safety issues/concerns in the street communities, of specific target groups 

  • Roleplay at school during awareness campaign

  • Road safety awareness team conveying the message to tuktuk drivers

    This list is of course not exhaustive. The road safety awareness campaign is sometimes combined with aspects related to;

    • Climate change resilience

    • Environmental & Social safeguard issues

    • HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmittable diseases

    • Gender issues and the  prevention of gender-based violence and other gender issues at the community level

    Such aspects can become pre-dominant in the campaign when specific target groups are included, such as contractor’s labourers, commercial vehicle drivers, indigenous people. Awareness raising on gender, core labour standards or labour management procedures with regard to correct road user behaviour is then included in the campaign.

    • Climate resilient roads

    • Climate resilient roads

      Baseline Awareness Survey

      The baseline study is conducted to collect data on knowledge, attitude and self-reported behaviour on road safety of specific road users. These so-called target groups can be adult road users (both motorized and non-motorized) and school children (primary and secondary schools).

      Data are collected using standardized questionnaires administered through face-to-face interviews for each of the identified target groups. Being a longitudinal study the adult road users are selected through the support of local leaders from among residents of the communities adjacent to the project road (in case of single road link study) or living within the project area (in case of a road network study). For selection of schools the wider area along the road link or the road project area should be considered. In urban but moreover in rural areas school children walk or cycle long distances to and from school. Motorized road users for awareness surveys can be further distinguished for instance: (long distance) lorry drivers, motorcyclists, bus and taxi drivers.

      Equal participation of both male and female road users should be planned in the study for residents and school children. Where commercial activities are predominant, commuters should be included in the group of residents.

      In case of specific motorized road users an equal participation by gender would be preferred but might be difficult to achieve in practice due to culture/tradition. Representation by education and occupation should reflect the composition of the residential/commuters’ populace in the project area. It will be clear that preparation of the baseline survey requires extensive efforts.

      Subjects to be investigated during the baseline survey are:

      • Road safety concerns

      • Knowledge on road safety

      • Attitudes, opinions, perceptions on road safety issues

      • Behavior patterns

      • Baseline survey data collection Tanzania

      • Interviewing during site visit as part of reconnaissance survey

        Awareness Campaign Material

        A wide variety of road safety awareness campaign materials can be produced with a variety of road safety messages. The materials include posters, brochures, stickers, booklets (also containing stories), and banners. Samples can be found by clicking here: All aim at specific target groups and their desired safe road user behaviour.

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