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Dar Es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit network is expanding

Dar Es Salaam Bus Rapid Transit Network is expanding

Phase II of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network of Dar Es Salaam is soon to be opened. This second line, with a total length of 20.3 kilometres connects the southwestern parts of Dar Es Salaam with the city centre starting at the busy local market area of Mbagala Rangi Tatu via the Port of Dar Es Salaam area. This line connects at three locations with the first line, thus expanding the BRT network function. I am the road safety engineer for this important project of transport infrastructure. The client for the road infrastructure is Tanzania National Roads Agency (TANROADS). I provide my road safety services for BRT Phase II on assignment of Intercontinental Consultants & Technocrats Pr. Ltd. from India.

Since the opening in 2016 of the first line of the BRT network in Dar Es Salaam this modern urban transport system operates with great success. This BRT Phase I line has a total length of 21.1 kilometres with dedicated bus lanes on three trunk routes between the Central Business District and Kimara via Ubungo with a total of 29 stations. Every day this line provides safe and reliable transportation services to an average of 165.000 commuters.

The BRT Phase II involves the construction of road infrastructure including 20.3 kilometres of exclusive BRT lanes as well as Motorized Transport and Non-Motorised Transport facilities along Kilwa Road corridor up to Sokoine Drive at Azam Ferries, Chang’ombe Road and part of Kawawa Road. The project corridor traverses from Mbagala Area in Temeke District to the Central Business District where it connects with Phase 1 of the BRT system at the Kariakoo Market hub. 

I became involved in the development of BRT Phase II as the Road Safety Engineer in January 2018. This first mission which lasted four months was for the road safety audit on design, accident data collection and awareness campaign for local communities and schools. The subject of these campaigns (three cycles are carried out) are the increased motorized traffic and the pedestrian safety facilities that are situated along the reconstructed roads that go along the BRT line.

In the spring of 2022, I was back in Tanzania for a second mission that was dedicated to a road safety audit of the temporary traffic management plan and the roadworks, capacity building for 12 TANTROADS in road safety engineering and assessment and a second cycle of the awareness campaign. The training was a great success and my report with recommendations for improved traffic safety during roadworks helped to relieve the many safety hazards that plagued the roadworks.

Recently (October 2023) the third cycle of the awareness campaign aimed at creating awareness has been completed. Also, my audit team members and I prepared an extensive report of my findings during the road safety audit of the completed road infrastructure which encompasses, besides of the BRT lanes, a network of lanes for motorized traffic and pedestrian footpaths. This pre-opening road safety audit was carried out by foot to get the best picture of the infrastructural safety conditions on the ground. My concerns with BRT Phase II end in November 2023.

My next assignment for TANROADS concerns the road safety audits for the final design of BRT Phase III and IV. I am supported by BENE-Consult Pr. Ltd., with whom I have worked on previous road safety audit projects in Tanzania.