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Workshop Cambodia

                  Road Safety Consultation Workshop for Rural Roads in Cambodia

Mekong Room, Cambodiana Hotel, Phnom Penh

Wednesday, September 6, 2023

The outcomes of the first workshop on rural road safety in Cambodia that took place in Phnom Penh on September 6, 2023, exceeded all expectations.

As the Road Safety Expert for the Technical Assistance to the Sustainable Assets for Agricultural Markets, Business and Trade Project I presented five different modules on typical road user behavior, safe system design principles and techniques, and road safety assessment practices (audits and inspections).Over 40 participants from the Ministry of Rural Development central and provincial offices subsequently discussed the current road safety problems on Cambodian rural roads. They further exchanged views with regard to the suitability of safe road design and road safety assessment practices as remedies for safety problems on their rural road networks. With the resolutions and conclusions, I will build further on plans, manuals, and capacity-building courses for the purpose of a sustainable rural road safety system in Cambodia.

In his closing remarks the Project Coordinator, His Excellency Phuong Sophea stated with respect to the outcomes of the workshop:

“This joint focus on road safety is an important factor in enhancing the capacity and role of the Ministry of Rural Development in the management of rural road safety in Cambodia, which is an important sector to serves the interests and contributes to the protection of the lives of the people as well as contribute to reducing poverty in our country.  In terms of merit, we all get a lot of merit because we are working together to save lives and help people have a good life, harmony in the family and in society.”