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Consultant Roads and Traffic - Certified Road Safety Auditor

My profile

Foto Betty van de WeteringFoto Betty van de Wetering
Consultant Roads and Traffic - Certified Road Safety Auditor

I am a passionate advisor, wrapping my professional working methods in a personal approach. To me changes for the better are challenges. Flexibility is my trademark, independency and transparency are my motives and professional high standards and international experience my qualities.

I am communicative, both in speech and in writing, mastering both English and French fluently. I possess a persistent eagerness to indulge in other cultures and a never lasting interest in the motivations and social interactions of people.

My vision

The skills and experience in safety improvement of road infrastructure I have been able to gain will contribute to the reduction of human suffering caused by road accidents.

My mission

I cherish working with people of all kinds of cultural backgrounds and I do not backdown for operating under difficult circumstances, neither in urban zones of major world cities nor in remote rural areas.

To operate as a road safety consultant in emerging economies is my heartfelt desire. Traffic safety conditions are currently poor in many regions of the world and accidents are increasing in numbers and severity. In the course of years I have been successful in building an impressive track record of achievements on projects in emerging countries and elsewhere (Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe in particular).

It is not only the execution of successful projects, but also sharing of professional experiences with younger generations from emerging economies that will help to create a sustainable improvement of safety for all road users, including the vulnerable ones.

The know-how that I have gained through working in various regions, under different circumstances with diverse cultures and people enriches the way I am able to provide my services to clients worldwide. I worked in North, East and West Africa, Middle East, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, besides of the Netherlands, my basis. All-in-all my overseas professional experience spans 12 years plus over a 40 years period and I have been to more than 20 countries.


Design and tender preparation for road construction (Ethiopian Roads Authority)


Training Sustainable Safe Road Design (Partners for Roads Program, World Bank)

Saudi Arabia

Comprehensive Development Plan for Diraab Road (ArRiyadh Development Authority)


Contract Management for Roads and Ferries Maintenance (Direction Nationale de l'Entretien Routier)

Abu Dhabi

Design for Landside Access Roads Midfield Terminal (Abu Dhabi Airports Company)


Road Safety Audits A15 Highway (ALanes-A15 JV: Ballast Nedam, John Laing, Strabag en Strukton)

From the elementary design of municipal roads my experience grew into the development of complicated highway schemes, roads network and airport access roads. I expanded my know-how through various study contracts, consultancy assignments and a multitude of road safety audits in my home country, the Netherlands, well known for its high safety standards and its well-established road network.

Taking this treasure with me I continuously contribute to the development of road safety in many other countries. This is my dream come true, not only for my own benefit but particularly for that of all those in need of sustainably safer road infrastructure.

My professional features

Certified Road Safety Auditor

Quality institute Road Safety Audits (KOVA, Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management, Netherlands)

Services provided

  • road safety assessments, audits and inspections
  • road design engineering
  • design assessment
  • traffic management reviews
  • safe systems development and implementation
  • sustainable safe road design training
  • community and stakeholders involvement in road safety
  • operational planning of road safety systems
  • safety audits, safety reviews, quality audits
  • area/route studies (environmental assessment studies)
  • training and workshops





Capacity Building

My memberships and subscription

World Road Association - Association mondiale de la Route
Association for Infra Design, Netherlands
Chartered Institution of Highways and Transportation, United Kingdom

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